Friday, 2 January 2015

The Nursery At Ty Ty Is A Mail Order Business

A mail order plant business might seem like a strange venture. One thing is for sure, it is definitely not the typical nursery. This is because the Ty Ty Nursery excels because of its commitment to excellence, especially when it comes to customer service. The customer service that they provide has been integral to the company's success, since virtually all customers have to deal with customer service.
The Ty Ty Nursery is a mail order business in which customers can pick out, order, and receive plants from anywhere in the United States. They make it really easy too, by providing access to all kinds of plants available to customers regardless of where they are located. The website is really well built is shows off the products that they have grown extremely well. By using the websites, people are able to find the individual plants they want and add them to their order. Each plant is accompanied not only by prices and pictures, but also by instructions on how to maintain it and make it grow strong. Often, this includes advice about how much sunlight, water, or fertilizer the plant needs in order to continue to grow. Most nurseries do not offer this customer service because they are not looking to go the extra mile. The Nursery at Ty Ty is looking to go the extra mile, so that their customers don't have to. Whether you are looking to buy flowering trees, shrubs, bamboo plants, flowering bulbs, grapevines, fruit trees, palm trees, shade trees, or nut trees, the Nursery at Ty Ty can help.